Tuesday, October 9, 2012

DOTA/MOBA Challenge Giganto process drop

So, this is the other thing I haven't bothered to post here.  A few weeks ago, I initiated an internal art challenge for the studio art group.  We got a bunch of enthusiastic participants, which was awesome to see, and not we're pushing to get things wrapped up before the deadline!  I've been posting progress to share with the guys, so I've got a nice progression showing off my process for creating the character.  

Clearly, it wasn't where I was headed when you look at the final :)
Everyone agreed the spine design was much more interesting, despite being a lot trickier to figure out

Example of the wrong way to 'thumbnail'

Example of the right way to thumbnail, after having Rayph slap me around a bit on my process!

Iso view for game angle silhouette. 

Further concepting in the blockout stage. 

Color Studies and refining the back crest shape. 

Few more shape refinements and just about ready for the final sculpting to begin!

Super excited about this one, cause my good friend and master rigger Christophe Marchal agreed to build an epic rig for this char, which is already blowing my mind.  Now the pressures on to make her badass!

More updates to come.  

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