Sunday, February 10, 2013

Big Daddy Cho'gath!

I've been noodling away at my next LoL inspired sculpt.  Cho has been iconic since day one, and I think he's well deserving of a little facelift.  I've been totally in love with what Kha'zix has been foreshadowing for the new look of the Void beasties, so I coun't resist trying it out with Cho'gath.  Definitely took a few liberties with the design, but hopefully I kept him recognizable.  Def a lot of overlapping issues to consider with him, so a few things might still move around.

I also started a color pass on him.  Still very WIP, but I wanted to see if I could keep his rather saturated primary color scheme and work it enough so that it still looks natural.  Quite a bit of work left to do in that regard, but it's a ton of fun trying to work with super saturated colors without letting them get  the better of you.  I think I have a fair bit of wranglin' left to do!

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