Friday, November 16, 2012

Robot Rising Art Mega-Dump!

Well, it happened...shows over for the art team at Stomp games. I've been at the studio (including it's previous incarnation, Tencent Boston) for over 3 years, through some great times and some serious turbulence.   I've made incredible friends and been inspired by so many people.  I am also, however, glad to be moving on, as it's high time to get my career back in the direction I had intended for it.

Here's a sampling of what I've been busy on at work for the past year or so.  ...cept maybe for that last guy. What the hell is he doing there?!


  1. The slug guy is awesome! You should show the 3D printout, it came out great.

  2. dood that caterpillar/slug dood is adorable!

  3. Willem, do you have additional images of the Juggernaut? I'd really like to scratch build one in either 1/72nd or 1/35th scale.